May 23, 2009

My Daddy!

Fathers Day is coming soon! I just wanted to write a little about my sweet Dad!
He is truly the most amazing person I know. He is so kind and soft spoken. He always has been. He is so patient and funny. I love that he is really funny and he doesn't mean to be. It just makes me laugh even harder. He is always so happy to see me and my sweet kids, who love him so much. He was such a hard worker as I grew up. That was such an example to me. He worked in the horrible cold weather and never complained. He did such hard physical work, even when his knee made it miserable for him. He worked hard! He made sure the house was warm for us when we woke up every morning in the winter. We only had a wood stove. He taught me to build great fires. That I love. I love to make the house warm for my own kids now. He is a diabetic and takes such great care of himself. He is SO careful about the foods he puts into his body. He cares about himself and that's important to me. He has a fun sense of humor. He laughs easily. Or at least hes laughing inside is what he used to say. He would do anything for anyone. He is very giving and never expecting in return. He taught me to drive a stick shift when I was about 9. He let me drive in the front yard. I had to sit on the encyclopedia books. I couldn't see out the windshield with out them. He was so patient as I learned. (even when I almost hit the porcupine out by the SJ) He said never to swerve for animals in the road. SO I was not going to try to miss the porcupine. He taught me honesty. And the importance of it. He showed us love growing up, even when we weren't so easy to love! Trust me, there were lots of those times! He is a very spiritual man. He believes in Christ. He loves all of his children no matter what. He is a wonderful Grandpa. The kids always love to see him. Justin loves him, they have a good relationship. I love that! He will go shooting with him any given time. He taught me to shoot. This my kids thought I could not do. I showed them I could hit that can almost every time! They were amazed that a mom could shoot a gun! Thanks dad!! Most of all I want my Dad to know how much I honestly Love him. I love the father he was and is to me. I could not ask for better!! He is not only my father but my friend, and I love him! Thanks Dad for being the best!! I LOVE YOU!! xoxox