Nov 2, 2009

Halloween....I love it!

This year I chose the costumes for the kids. Mean I know! lol We had our own little CHAIN GANG! It turned out so cute and the kids liked it too! Caison was the little Cop and Hayden, Tanner and Brekyn were his Prisoners! It was great! Caison won 1st for his costume at the Fire Dept where we spent the evening. It was much warmer than going outside. It was all fun and games and a Trunk or Treat in the parking lot when it was over. Justin ran a booth, He ran the jail. For a few pieces of candy you could throw anyone in jail for 5 minutes. He at the last minute, I really mean the last minute.... 45 to be exact. He informed me he needed a costume. (He knew for months) So I came up with a CHICK MAGNET! He got to spend the night with some hot chicks hanging all over him!!! He had his hair all slicked back and everything!!
Fun times!!!