Dec 27, 2008

Hair Do...Cut Knee...And Desitin!!

Brekyn got out of the shower tonight, and was determined to do her own hair. I told her to go ahead, but just make sure she gets all the tangles combed out. I didn't realize she meant really do her hair. I thought she just meant comb her hair out. She was gone for a while, I called her name and asked what she was doing? She said Mom I'm doing my hair like you said. I said for this long?? She then came out and this was the Beautiful hair do she did ALL by herself. She was so proud of the pony tail and the fact that she has her bangs out of her face. She is so funny! She asked if I could take a picture of it to show her daddy. Good job Sis on your beautiful hair do! I love it!!

Tanner took a serious fall. Again running in the house. He broke his hand in 2 places, running in the house, He got 5 stitches above his eye, running in the house, Now this nice cut, running in the house. I don't think he will ever learn??? He got it good. It is sliced right open, it goes under his skin about an inch? It is deep and bleeds a lot. It was not in need of stitches, says my hubby. But he will butterfly anything he can. I think he thinks its fun? Poor little Tanner!! Breaks my heart when they are hurt. He cried, and he never cries when he gets hurt!! I gave him some ibuprofen, we bandaged it really good, and lots of hugs and he was good to go again. At bed time, I told him to go get into bed, I was following him to bed, He RAN and JUMPED onto the bed??? I give up on even telling him to stop running in the house!!!! This is why we call him a Train Wreck...

Caison is a big fan of Desitin. He tries to eat it any time he can get his hands on it? He got to it this time before we did. He seems
to like it. GROSS! Silly boy! He was a MESS!!

Dec 24, 2008


(See he really has some Christmas spirit, Mr. Grinch)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I just want to take a second to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I hope you get everything you wanted for Christmas this year? I know I did, I have a wonderful Hubby, and 4 great healthy kids!! That's all I need. I love my family dearly and want them all to know that! I want my sweet hubby to know that I think he is great! He is truly the love of my life! I wouldnt trade him for anyone. (not even Tim McGraw ;)) Thanks babe for all you do for the kids and I. You work so hard, at home and at work. It is appreciated. You are such a thoughtful man, (Under all that sarcasm) And I LOVE YOU!! You are my life!!

To my family elsewhere... I love and miss you all! I hope everyone has a great Christmas! Thanks for being the best family EVER!! I love this time of year. It reminds me of my Mom! I love to remember her!!
I sure wish we could see each other more often, I love the time we do get together!
(The ones in Colorado... Dont spoil that new baby too much!! :))

Dec 23, 2008

Let it snow... Let it snow... Let it snow!!!!

Tanner and Brekyn
Angels...Tanner and Brekyn
Hayden and Hannah..

We finally got a good amount of snow!! I love the SNOW!!! Justin likes it ok when he doesnt have to work. He is off so we don't have to hear him cry.... lol... My kids all wanted to go outside and play today. Every single one of them woke up in the night for cough medicine. They coughed and coughed and coughed all night long. I didn't really want them to go out and play....its SO cold! But my sweet hubby said they could. SO out they went!! All bundled up in snow pants, jackets, hats and gloves. They stayed warm, or so they said. They wouldn't tell me any different knowing I didn't want them outside to begin with. They had a great time. They actually lasted out side for over an hour. Than the wind kicked in and got too cold for them. They came in and had some yummy hot (warm) chocolate! So tonight when they are all up one at a time, I will be sleeping and my sweet hubby will be dispinsing cough medicine to them all. All night long like I did last night. One kid at a time... lol They did have a wonderful time in the snow.

SO today Caison had quite the day. He is not feeling well. Yucky nose and awful cough. I laid him down for his nap around noon. I hear him start to cry about half hour later. I let him cry for a few minutes hoping he would go to sleep. I go in to check on him, and he had taken off his POOPY diaper and had poop all over himself, his crib and all his bedding. Why do kids have to do that?? It so freakin gross!! He had got his pants off and than the diaper and than discovered the poop! Nice huh?? SO he got a warm bath, and unplugged bath, so it would all just go down the drain. Nothing like cleaning poop out of a 17 month olds fingernails, and out of their hair!!
Then about 2 hours later the phone rings, it is an unkown number. Justin answers it and a lady says Hi this is Ashley from the Navajo County Sheriffs Dept. We just received a 9-1-1 call from this number. Is everything ok? Anyways When the phone rang, I couldn't find it. I heard a muffled ring coming form my room. I walk in an Caison is sitting on my bed and hands me the phone. The little Poop (literally) called 9-1-1. How he did it, I don't know? We do not have it programed or anything. He just got it all in the right order. He will occasionally callGrandma Fellows or Grandpa Tanner, He called Daddy yesterday. But 9-1-1? No more phone for that boy. We don't even realize he has it most times. ( he obviously goes and hides places) Like my bedroom. He had even shut the door behind him. SNEAKY, SNEAKY, SNEAKY!! SO he has been quite the wild kid today. Its a good thing hes cute is all I've got to say!!

I am getting my kids to bed, (Oh Its Time) and I am going to wrap away tonight! I still have almost all my wrapping to do! At least its not Christmas Eve!!! LOL

Dec 18, 2008

Christmas Pictures--Timberrrrrr!!!

I am a little late this year on getting the kids Christmas pictures done for cards. I am really late actually. SO your card may be late... lol... I got the kids all dressed in matching clothes. Did hair etc. Sat them down in front of the tree. Got a few really cute ones, and a few really normal ones for four kids trying to sit and take a picture together. You know the typical someones eyes closed, someone looking away, the baby not wanting to sit, he wants the camera instead. But I did manage to get a few good ones. I took the camera in the other room to down load on to the computer. I hear this huge crash, with lots of breaking sounds followed by Caison whaling and crying as loud as he can cry. I set the computer down and run into the other room, expecting blood or something. I find sweet little Caison bawling his head off in the corner. He had knocked the Christmas tree over. He was scared to death, poor baby. All I could do was laugh, I ran and got the camera, before I even comforted the poor guy. I had to get the classic Oh Crap I knocked Over The Tree Look On Film... Right?? Believe it or not... NOTHING broke?

Dec 13, 2008

Brekyn's First Dance Recital

Oh my goodness. This was the funest thing ever. Brekyn had her first recital today and one tonight. She loves dance and gets really into it. Shes got a lot of ~groove~, and it doesn't come from Justin or I? Her little group was called KooKoo for Cocoa. They were dressed in brown leotards and skirts with palstic wrap around their waist like a wrapper. It was so cute. She really loved performing. Terra took video of the first performance, But I cannot get it to load on here? I will figure it out, I want you all to see how freakin cute it was. She is a cute kid I must say. These are some pictures of just before the recital. We were not allowed to use flash photography during the dance. It is dangerous to dancers we were told. I want to say THANKS to Alyssa and Samantha for coming all the way from the valley, and buying her balloons. She loved it. THANKS to Auntie Terra, Uncle Nate, Uncle Jamin, Auntie Lizabeth,Grandma, Grandpa Tanner, Elaine, for coming to watch her on her very special night! Thanks Les and LeeAnn for letting the girls come. We had fun! I loved seeing my little girls. lol

Dec 6, 2008

Have some crack!!

Caison Audy..... This kid is So funny. I love is fun and loving personality. He was picking something up in the area of the house Justin is remodeling. He was kind of in a corner. I was walking past and see a little crack. His diaper was down quite a bit....but was not unfastened. (and not soaking wet either :)) I ran and got my camera, took these pictures, he notices me now. He felt the diaper falling down I guess, so he pulled it up. He then walked away making some funny grunting noise. It was SO cute! He was embarassed or something. I thought Brekyn was my only crack kid. We call her Princess Buttcrack. I swear her crack will find its way out of a I guess he needs a new nickname now too. Any good ideas?? lol This will be the year book photo for Cais. Just thought I would share!

Dec 3, 2008

Christmas tree time

I love this time of year. I love Christmas. I love to decorate. My kids love it too. Daddy is usually a GRINCH and doesnt love it near as much much as we do, But this year he got in to the spirit a lot more. He even bought a wreath and decorations to go on it, and did that project all him self. Thanks babe!! It looks great!! We got out the tree and all the decorations. We spent a few hours and got it all decorated. If you notice our beautiful tree is bare half way down. That is for our sweet Caison. He loves to take off the ornaments like all kids do. But he also loves to throw them in the trash. GRINCH JR!!! lol I cant tell you how many I got out of the trash, and who knows how many I didn't save in time. Caison also didn't care to decorate much either. His favorite thing was playing with the outlets. He loved turning the lights on and off. He just likes outlets all together. Scary! I tried to get a few good pictures of the kids in front of the tree. But anyone with several kids knows it is almost impossible to get a shot with them all looking at the camera. (and being happy while doing it)