Aug 18, 2009

First day of school, first soccer game!

This past few weeks has been super busy for us. Tanner started Football. He (for 2 wks) had practice Mon-Thurs 5 PM to 730 PM. Long days. Brekyn started soccer as well. We still do scouts at our house once a week. So on Thurs we have Football, Soccer and Scouts. All between 5 and 6. So I do sports and Justin does Scouts. We make it work.

School stared last Weds. Hayden is in 5th grade. We are homeschooling him again this yr. He is doing great. He is excited about the school yr and so are we. Tanner is in 2nd grade this yr and loving every minute of it. Brekyn started Kindergarten. She is loving it as well. The 2 kids ride the bus to and from school. Which is nice for me. We have not had bus service the last 2 yrs. So this is wonderful!!

Brekyn had her first Soccer Game last night. She has never played before. She has only had one practice also. She played like a pro. She scored 2 of the 3 points her team made. She was so aggresive with the ball. I was so proud of her. She just appeared to know what she was doing. We had NO idea she knew how to play. LOL It was sooo fun to watch her. Thanks to Grandpa Tanner and Uncle Nate for coming to watch her. We appreciate it! And so does she!

Tanner has his first Football (tackle football) game on Sept 12th. He is so excited as well. I love to go watch his practices. Its so much fun! They have just started tackling last week. It scares me a little. BUT Justin assures me, he will be just fine! He is a beanpole!! LOL But he is tough! He is in a traveling league. So his games will be in Payson, Holbrook, RV etc. So it should be a lot of fun. We are super excited about it.

Hayden had been in Karate for a while. But he wasnt in love with it. He is not much into sports. We give him the option to play as well and he just hasnt found what he loves to do yet. So he goes to scouts weekly and goes to watch Brekyn and Tanner. If he finds what he loves than thats great. If he doesnt ever love any sport, Im good with that too! Hes a fun kid to just hang out with!!

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Aug 10, 2009

I Love my friends!!

I have always loved the 24th weekend in St. Johns. It has been 8 yrs since the last time I went to any of the activities there. I went this year and had a wonderful time. Wendy Watson was able to come and stay a couple days. We had a great time! Amy Price Holly was in town from Va. and also came and stayed a few days. It was a wonderful visit. I loved getting to know her sweet girls! These 2 have been wonderful friends for a lot of yrs. It was so good to hang out and visit!! Time sure goes by fast, But I don't feel any older. Thanks Amy and Wendy for staying!!! I love you guys!!

We had a super fun class get together in SJ. It is always fun to reconnect with people. Thanks to Spence and Kellie Platt for making it happen!! It was a blast!

Here are a few pictures from our weekend.