Dec 27, 2008

Hair Do...Cut Knee...And Desitin!!

Brekyn got out of the shower tonight, and was determined to do her own hair. I told her to go ahead, but just make sure she gets all the tangles combed out. I didn't realize she meant really do her hair. I thought she just meant comb her hair out. She was gone for a while, I called her name and asked what she was doing? She said Mom I'm doing my hair like you said. I said for this long?? She then came out and this was the Beautiful hair do she did ALL by herself. She was so proud of the pony tail and the fact that she has her bangs out of her face. She is so funny! She asked if I could take a picture of it to show her daddy. Good job Sis on your beautiful hair do! I love it!!

Tanner took a serious fall. Again running in the house. He broke his hand in 2 places, running in the house, He got 5 stitches above his eye, running in the house, Now this nice cut, running in the house. I don't think he will ever learn??? He got it good. It is sliced right open, it goes under his skin about an inch? It is deep and bleeds a lot. It was not in need of stitches, says my hubby. But he will butterfly anything he can. I think he thinks its fun? Poor little Tanner!! Breaks my heart when they are hurt. He cried, and he never cries when he gets hurt!! I gave him some ibuprofen, we bandaged it really good, and lots of hugs and he was good to go again. At bed time, I told him to go get into bed, I was following him to bed, He RAN and JUMPED onto the bed??? I give up on even telling him to stop running in the house!!!! This is why we call him a Train Wreck...

Caison is a big fan of Desitin. He tries to eat it any time he can get his hands on it? He got to it this time before we did. He seems
to like it. GROSS! Silly boy! He was a MESS!!

Dec 24, 2008


(See he really has some Christmas spirit, Mr. Grinch)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I just want to take a second to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I hope you get everything you wanted for Christmas this year? I know I did, I have a wonderful Hubby, and 4 great healthy kids!! That's all I need. I love my family dearly and want them all to know that! I want my sweet hubby to know that I think he is great! He is truly the love of my life! I wouldnt trade him for anyone. (not even Tim McGraw ;)) Thanks babe for all you do for the kids and I. You work so hard, at home and at work. It is appreciated. You are such a thoughtful man, (Under all that sarcasm) And I LOVE YOU!! You are my life!!

To my family elsewhere... I love and miss you all! I hope everyone has a great Christmas! Thanks for being the best family EVER!! I love this time of year. It reminds me of my Mom! I love to remember her!!
I sure wish we could see each other more often, I love the time we do get together!
(The ones in Colorado... Dont spoil that new baby too much!! :))

Dec 23, 2008

Let it snow... Let it snow... Let it snow!!!!

Tanner and Brekyn
Angels...Tanner and Brekyn
Hayden and Hannah..

We finally got a good amount of snow!! I love the SNOW!!! Justin likes it ok when he doesnt have to work. He is off so we don't have to hear him cry.... lol... My kids all wanted to go outside and play today. Every single one of them woke up in the night for cough medicine. They coughed and coughed and coughed all night long. I didn't really want them to go out and play....its SO cold! But my sweet hubby said they could. SO out they went!! All bundled up in snow pants, jackets, hats and gloves. They stayed warm, or so they said. They wouldn't tell me any different knowing I didn't want them outside to begin with. They had a great time. They actually lasted out side for over an hour. Than the wind kicked in and got too cold for them. They came in and had some yummy hot (warm) chocolate! So tonight when they are all up one at a time, I will be sleeping and my sweet hubby will be dispinsing cough medicine to them all. All night long like I did last night. One kid at a time... lol They did have a wonderful time in the snow.

SO today Caison had quite the day. He is not feeling well. Yucky nose and awful cough. I laid him down for his nap around noon. I hear him start to cry about half hour later. I let him cry for a few minutes hoping he would go to sleep. I go in to check on him, and he had taken off his POOPY diaper and had poop all over himself, his crib and all his bedding. Why do kids have to do that?? It so freakin gross!! He had got his pants off and than the diaper and than discovered the poop! Nice huh?? SO he got a warm bath, and unplugged bath, so it would all just go down the drain. Nothing like cleaning poop out of a 17 month olds fingernails, and out of their hair!!
Then about 2 hours later the phone rings, it is an unkown number. Justin answers it and a lady says Hi this is Ashley from the Navajo County Sheriffs Dept. We just received a 9-1-1 call from this number. Is everything ok? Anyways When the phone rang, I couldn't find it. I heard a muffled ring coming form my room. I walk in an Caison is sitting on my bed and hands me the phone. The little Poop (literally) called 9-1-1. How he did it, I don't know? We do not have it programed or anything. He just got it all in the right order. He will occasionally callGrandma Fellows or Grandpa Tanner, He called Daddy yesterday. But 9-1-1? No more phone for that boy. We don't even realize he has it most times. ( he obviously goes and hides places) Like my bedroom. He had even shut the door behind him. SNEAKY, SNEAKY, SNEAKY!! SO he has been quite the wild kid today. Its a good thing hes cute is all I've got to say!!

I am getting my kids to bed, (Oh Its Time) and I am going to wrap away tonight! I still have almost all my wrapping to do! At least its not Christmas Eve!!! LOL

Dec 18, 2008

Christmas Pictures--Timberrrrrr!!!

I am a little late this year on getting the kids Christmas pictures done for cards. I am really late actually. SO your card may be late... lol... I got the kids all dressed in matching clothes. Did hair etc. Sat them down in front of the tree. Got a few really cute ones, and a few really normal ones for four kids trying to sit and take a picture together. You know the typical someones eyes closed, someone looking away, the baby not wanting to sit, he wants the camera instead. But I did manage to get a few good ones. I took the camera in the other room to down load on to the computer. I hear this huge crash, with lots of breaking sounds followed by Caison whaling and crying as loud as he can cry. I set the computer down and run into the other room, expecting blood or something. I find sweet little Caison bawling his head off in the corner. He had knocked the Christmas tree over. He was scared to death, poor baby. All I could do was laugh, I ran and got the camera, before I even comforted the poor guy. I had to get the classic Oh Crap I knocked Over The Tree Look On Film... Right?? Believe it or not... NOTHING broke?

Dec 13, 2008

Brekyn's First Dance Recital

Oh my goodness. This was the funest thing ever. Brekyn had her first recital today and one tonight. She loves dance and gets really into it. Shes got a lot of ~groove~, and it doesn't come from Justin or I? Her little group was called KooKoo for Cocoa. They were dressed in brown leotards and skirts with palstic wrap around their waist like a wrapper. It was so cute. She really loved performing. Terra took video of the first performance, But I cannot get it to load on here? I will figure it out, I want you all to see how freakin cute it was. She is a cute kid I must say. These are some pictures of just before the recital. We were not allowed to use flash photography during the dance. It is dangerous to dancers we were told. I want to say THANKS to Alyssa and Samantha for coming all the way from the valley, and buying her balloons. She loved it. THANKS to Auntie Terra, Uncle Nate, Uncle Jamin, Auntie Lizabeth,Grandma, Grandpa Tanner, Elaine, for coming to watch her on her very special night! Thanks Les and LeeAnn for letting the girls come. We had fun! I loved seeing my little girls. lol

Dec 6, 2008

Have some crack!!

Caison Audy..... This kid is So funny. I love is fun and loving personality. He was picking something up in the area of the house Justin is remodeling. He was kind of in a corner. I was walking past and see a little crack. His diaper was down quite a bit....but was not unfastened. (and not soaking wet either :)) I ran and got my camera, took these pictures, he notices me now. He felt the diaper falling down I guess, so he pulled it up. He then walked away making some funny grunting noise. It was SO cute! He was embarassed or something. I thought Brekyn was my only crack kid. We call her Princess Buttcrack. I swear her crack will find its way out of a I guess he needs a new nickname now too. Any good ideas?? lol This will be the year book photo for Cais. Just thought I would share!

Dec 3, 2008

Christmas tree time

I love this time of year. I love Christmas. I love to decorate. My kids love it too. Daddy is usually a GRINCH and doesnt love it near as much much as we do, But this year he got in to the spirit a lot more. He even bought a wreath and decorations to go on it, and did that project all him self. Thanks babe!! It looks great!! We got out the tree and all the decorations. We spent a few hours and got it all decorated. If you notice our beautiful tree is bare half way down. That is for our sweet Caison. He loves to take off the ornaments like all kids do. But he also loves to throw them in the trash. GRINCH JR!!! lol I cant tell you how many I got out of the trash, and who knows how many I didn't save in time. Caison also didn't care to decorate much either. His favorite thing was playing with the outlets. He loved turning the lights on and off. He just likes outlets all together. Scary! I tried to get a few good pictures of the kids in front of the tree. But anyone with several kids knows it is almost impossible to get a shot with them all looking at the camera. (and being happy while doing it)

Nov 29, 2008

Tanners Thanksgiving Program 1st Grade

Tanner had a very cute Thanksgiving Program this year. I love this age so much. He was a little Indian. He said his part SO good and loud for Tanner. He also read is second part, a part that he wrote really well. It was fun to watch! Justin had to work, but was able to take a break and come watch. That is always nice when it works out for him. Tanner was glad he was there. Aunt Terra and her kids were so sweet to drive all the way over that early to watch. It sure means alot to the kids when family can attend. So thanks Auntie Terra, Preston, Tracen and Kelci!!


Please Don't Eat Twinkies In The Car!

We had just left Tanners Thanksgiving Program at school. I stopped to get a soda and the kids a Twinkie... I gave Tanner, Hayden and Brekyn one. I didn't give one to Caison for this very reason. We get home and I get out to unbuckle him.....and this is what I find? His very sweet and sharing brother Hayden, decided he felt sorry for him and gave him a Twinkie. Nice huh?? So how could I be mad, he at least shared?! It was a huge MESS! Cute, but messy! Gotta love those Fellows Kids!!!

Nov 20, 2008

Brekyns 5th Birthday

Brekyn had her 5th birthday part last night! She had a great time. She had lots of friends and family here. She had an "inside" pinata. It was way too cold to do it outside. LOL She got some fun toys and cute clothes. We got her an MP3 player. She hasn't taken it off since she got it. It is so funny when she sings to it. she sings so loud and so off key. Some songs she doesn't know the words, but pretends she does. Those are the best to listen to. She makes us laugh! Catching her singing and dancing is so funny! She is the big 5! She thinks she is so big now. Amazing what a birthday will do? She is so much older than she was 3 days ago according to her. She did almost agree to not grow up anymore, than she changed her mind. She cant wail to be 10 she says.

Not much else is going on around here. Justin is off the next week, hopefully we can get my house finished. Im ready for it to be done. Or at least what weve started to be done. Im looking forward to doing my kitchen counters someday. That will be a while, its expensive.

We are all well. No major cold or flus YET this year. I'm holding on to hope that it wont happen this year? LOL right??

Nov 16, 2008

Oh how I HATE Laundry!!!!

Does laundry ever end? I hate doing laundry SO bad. I decided to clean my room somewhat, and now I have twice the freakin laundry I had before. I decided we only need a few shirts, few pants and some socks and undies. We have WAY too many clothes in this house. I could literally turn my house into a clothing second hand store. GEEZ!!! I told my sweet hubby (who wont get rid of anything) I was getting rid of what we havent worn in the last few months. His reply was, Tiff Ive been getting rid of things. I gave Nate 2 shirts the other day!! His sweet parents give him old magazines that they have read. Yes Justin loves that. So do I. But they can go in the trash when hes done reading them. But No lets save them forever because we might need them someday! LOL Hes not really that bad. But I sure feel that way lately! I will be getting rid of so much stuff in the next week. Justin took 10 days off the get my house finished. I am going to organize, organize, organize! I just wont tell him what I throw out. I dont know what happen to anything! LOL My kids toy boxes will be down to nothing. My excuse is always, Christmas is coming. You will get new stuff! Santa is the man and brings fun things. Well I guess Im done venting! I need to get some kind of sleep. Or at least try... I will have nightmares about laundry Im sure. Its going to attack me in the night.... IT NEVER ENDS!!!!!!!

Nov 15, 2008


Today my sweet little princess Brekyn said something kinda funny. I was trying to get my house cleaned up a little. I had asked Hayden to pick up their things from the living room and Brekyn to get their things from the kitchen floor and put them away. Not asking too much from them, or was it?? Neither one of my well mannered children would do what they were asked. Finally after about the 3rd time of asking nicely, Hayden did what he was asked. Brekyn started to walk away. I said Brekyn Fellows in a stern voice. Get in that kitchen and pick up the floor NOW! She turned around with her hands on her hips and said Excuse me mom. Do you NOT see my legs walking that way?? I was on my way... THANKS! She is a little sarcastic you think? If this is any indication of teen years and attitude....we are SCREWED!!! I almost died laughing. (She of course couldnt tell) I said dont you talk to me that way. That is not ok. She just replied well I was on my way! I left the room almost in tears form laughter. She is a smarty pants!!I dont believe I was that way... Justin swears he was not that way. It must have come from LORRI!!(I mentioned your name) She is still that way!! LOL Love ya Lor! I then called Justin to inform him that his sweet little daddys girl princess has a major attitude. I told him what she said, he was laughing so hard and just said thats funnier than heck!! She is perfection!!

Just a cute little story about our kids and our neighbor Rusty. Rusty is about 57ish? Has never been married, lives alone with his 2 dogs. He is a hermit type. Not real social. He is not the cleanest of people.(I was actually a little nervous when we first moved in.) Anyway we have gotten to know Rusty. My kids love him. He goes out and plays baseball, football or what ever my kids are playing with them. He is the nicest man ever. He would do anything for anyone. So about 2 years ago, we started making dinner for Rusty once a week or so. He was always so happy to get it. The kids would all 3 take it to him. The last year its been about 4 times a week they take him dinner. They will stay out on his porch and talk his poor ears off while delivering dinner to him. I met his mom the other day. She lives about an hour away. I had picked up somethings Rusty needed from Checker Auto to fix his truck. She was outside waiting for him to get home. I went out, I thought Rusty was home now. He wasnt there yet. But she introduced her self to me. The cutest little old lady ever. She said to me, I just want you to know how much I appreciate you taking care of my "little" boy. Thanks for taking him dinner so often. I worry alot less about him knowing you look out for him. She also said I just want you to know he really loves your kids. He always lights up when he talks about playing baseball with them and Justin. It really made me feel good to know that such a small deed for me to do, helps someone out so much. I love that my kids know that feeding Rusty a few times a week means alot to him. He is always so grateful to them for bringing dinner. He will say things like you are really lucky you have such a nice mom who cooks for you...and me. The other day we stopped at Sonic (Lorri) for dinner and brought it home. When we got home Brekyn said Oh Crap (nice huh) mom, we forgot to buy Rusty some dinner. I bet hes hungry! It was so cute that she thought about him while we ate yummy Sonic (Lorri). I just wanted to take a second and say thanks to my wonderful mom. She raised us to help others if we could. Even if its not much to you, it might be to someone else. She used to say. Its not much for my kids to run Rusty some dinner, but it is much to him and him 90ish year old mom. And that I am glad for. I am thankful she taught us the way she did. She helped SO many people in her life. She cooked so many nights for Ken and Ila Pulsipher for years. They loved her and she loved them. She did it because she cared. There are still people I run into at the store who will bring up my mom. So many of them say Oh I remember when your mom did this for us or for so and so. Wouldn't it be nice to be remembered years after you died for the nice things that you did for people. She was always doing something... I loved that about her. That makes me proud of her. I am proud to be her daughter. She loved us and raised us well. She loved us all with everything in her heart. I am so glad I know that. Oh, One small thing she did for the post office workers at Christmas time was made cookies for them. I found a gift tag that says To all the nice workers at the post office, Thank you and Merry Christmas. She must not have liked the way it looked or something and made a new tag. She had left that tag on the sheet. I found it in her Christmas stuff the Christmas after she died. I saved it as a reminder....She did good things for good people. Her name was not signed on the tag either..That was typical of my mom... Thanks mom, I am a better person because of you!!

Oct 28, 2008

NO TV.........

It is now a little after 11 pm. I'm bored and my Direct TV is messed up. It says searching for satellite. Annoying. We called and they walked Justin thru resetting the dish. But, still searching for satellite. So for $49.95 we can have a tech come out and look at it. But not til Saturday. What ever will I do with NO TV until then?? AND Im not paying that either. They are going to credit my acct. or something I guess. I will for sure go thru Nancy Grace withdrawls, Brekyn will be having a Dora The Explorer delima by then, and Hayden and the new Star Wars Episodes out on Fridays??? What to do to do?? LOL Guess its time to break out the puzzles and games now. Maybe I will be able to keep up on my blog more. I need to get back to selling on Ebay, Christmas IS just around the corner. Ebay money is always nice.

Well Nate and Terra temporarily moved to the valley for work. I am really sad. I will miss those kids so much. (and them just a little) Those sweet babies need to be here with Auntie. They actually just left yesterday (monday) and they are coming back to stay with us tomorrow (weds) night, so we can all go Trick-or-Treating together. So I guess we can make the move work if they come back once a week or so. Preston loves to play with the kids. Kelci thinks Im hilarious. (She smiles at me anyways)and little Tracen is just my buddy. So what will I do with NO TV and NO TANNER KIDS???

Hayden is doing good with his home school. He struggles in math, only because its hard for him to stay focused. He knows it, he just has WAY too much to think about during math. I talked to his teacher and according to his IEP he will be able to work at a slower pace in math if we feel its necessary. We have never had him do less work, because we know he can do it. We dont want him to use his situation as a crutch in life. So we will continue to observe him and decide what needs to be done. He is a smart kid and has the ability to do it, just not quite the attention span. I guess we will see.

Tanner Cole made all A's. YEAH FOR TANNER!!!! I am so proud of him. He tries so hard and does so well. He got an award in P.E. also. He actually long jumped longest in the school. Not 1st grade, but the whole school. He jumped almost 5 feet. Just shy of a few inches. Stand and jump forward and see how far you go? No running and jumping either. Just jumping. He made the wall of fame at school. He was proud. Dont ask how far I made it?? A couple feet maybe. Then my body is not quite the same as it used to be. So I hurt for a week after. I just want to say congratulations to my sweet boy Tanner. I am proud of you kiddo.

Brekyn is still in ballet and loving every minute. She is so cute in her little tights and leotard. I just wanna pinch her... She has a dance recital Dec. 20th. She is so excited. She cant wait to get her costume. I cant wait either. I love that she loves it. She is my only girl you know. I am so glad she likes girly things. She loves to dig for worms etc. with the boys, but she has to have bows in her hair when she does it. Oh and lacy socks. She thinks those are the best... What a funny kid..

Than theres Mr. Caison. HE is a mess. That boy LOVES the toilet. Hes making us crazy with it. We have gone thru more rolls of toilet paper this last month than in a life time. He loves to throw ALL the rolls we have in the toilet at once. Also the toilet brush. Oh yeah and hot wheels cars. Oh cant forget the army men. A few combs and Hair clips always. We are going to have major plumbing problems when he learns to FLUSH!!! Oh I cant wait... He is lucky hes cute is all I have to say.

Justin is busy as ever. He worked on all 3 of his days off this week. Two overtime shifts and one day of court in Holbrook. You gotta love the job I guess. He loves it anyways. He can retire in a short 4.5 years. And yes we are counting down. I cannot wait. ;) He is a hard worker and I appreciate him tons. He is the best husband and daddy ever. I wouldnt trade him for anything. I love the person he is. He is truly great... I LOVE HIM!!!

I have been super busy it seems. Dentist appts. Dr. Appts. Ballet, Scouts, Etc. Etc. Etc. Haydens school work is enough to keep anyone occupied for the day. Trying to keep him going and chasing the other 2 around sure kicks me in the pants some days. But I get up and start all over again the next day. Thank Goodness for bedtime is all I have to say. That is what saves my sanity. Or whats left of it anyways.

We are still remodeling the house as well. Its getting there SLOWLY but surely. I cant wait to be done. Justin has done a wonderful job on it. He works hard and does well. Thanks Babe!!

That about sums up our life right now. Nothing real major to report on. Usually for us, thats good news. Hope everyone is well.....

Oct 26, 2008

Click to play Wood Cutting
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Wood Cutting

Its that time of year again. Wood cutting season. It is fun to go. A lot of work, but fun. We got a really late start this year. Justin has been so busy between work and the house projects. He doesn't have a lot of extra time. We finally got a chance to go spend the day in the woods cutting. Terra came and watched the kids while we took Brekyn and Preston. It was really fun for them and fun to take them with us. They worked hard on the first very little tree Justin cut so they could load. After the first tree, it was digging in the dirt from there on out. No more loading for them. It was too hot, the wood was too heavy, I have a splinter, etc. etc. etc. They were fun to watch. They are good little buddies. Yes they bug each other a lot at times, but have so much fun the rest of the time. Fun times!!

Oct 18, 2008

Click to play Pumpkin Pickin'
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Pumpkin Pickin!!

I Love Love Love Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays. I Love that Justins mom takes me and my little kids to pick our own pumpkins every year. This year we got to take Nate and Terras little guy, Tracen with us. He should be my kid. LOL He looks just like Tanner to me. It was so fun to have him with us. He is my little buddy for sure. My kids absolutely love to pick their own pumpkin, gords and indian corn. They start asking when Grandma is gonna take us to get pumpkins as soon as October hits. That will be something so great to remember for them as they grow up. I make sure to get pictures every time we go. Its fun to see the changes the kids make in one short year. THANKS to Grandma for taking us. It is sure fun. We all love it! I am trying to post some pictures of our pumpkin pickin day. My computer is not allowing me to upload for some reason? I'll get it figured out and post them ASAP.

Oct 8, 2008

My mom!!

I just wanted to take a minute and let everyone know how much I miss and love my mom. What a sweet person she was. I have been missing her so much lately. I hate that she is gone. I know she is still with us. But its just not the same. I wish my kids could know her. They only know of her. They all talk about her like they really knew her, and I love it. Hayden loves junior mints and rolos. Those were my moms 2 favorite candy bars. I love when that kind of stuff happens. I always say that was Nanas favorite. They all know what she liked and loved. They know that she loves them very much. They know she is their guardian angel. They love her. My kids have been robbed of their Nana, and there is nothing I can do about it. So not fair. I just try my best to make sure that they know as much about her as I can tell them. She is still such a part of my daily life. I think of her so many times a day. I Love to think about her goofy, silly self. She was truly funny. At least I thought she was. If I can raise my kids with as much love as she raised us, we will be ok. I never questioned the love she had for us. Never. So anyone reading this, make sure your loved ones know they are loved. If you have a mom, make an effort to let her know what she means to you. What I would give to let my mom know one more time what she means to me. I love you all!!!