Sep 27, 2008


It is that time of year again. I love fall. I love the cool weather, the colors and the smells of fall. Justin is not so fond. He whines a lot about it. LOL He is a summer fan for sure. The leaves are changing and it is beautiful. I can't wait to build fires at night. What is even scarier is its almost Oct. and Christmas is right around the corner. Time to get ready. I am looking forward to the holidays this year. My kids are all at such fun ages. They will be tons of fun at Christmas time. Caison is big enough this year to tear into his stocking and gifts. FUN FUN FUN!!!

Hayden turns 10 next month. That really does not seem possible to me. 10 years, thats crazy. We have raised him more than half way to adulthood. Time really flies. It seems that each year gets shorter and shorter. I remember my mom always saying "My kids are all growing up" and I would say "mom Im only 16". I dont want my kids to be 16. Now I see exactly what she meant. It scares me. I know we are in for it HUGE when our kids become teenagers. You have Justin and I, and all the crap we pulled on our parents. Pay backs will be hell Im sure. My mom warned me. LOL I see my kids and things they do and you can't help but to think back on your childhood. Its crazy how much your kids can be like you or your spouse, or family memebers you have. Its so fun to watch and see whats next? I love my family!!

Well I guess I have rambled on enough now. Nothing real fun and exciting going on around here. Unless you consider Caison grabbing his bum everytime we change a diaper (especially poopy). Him discovering the toilet and how fun the water is to play in. He loves to hear himself scream. All that and 3 other kids, our life is never dull. Love you all and take care!!

Sep 25, 2008


Hi All! I started my blog way back in July. I just now got it going. Thanks to the great blogs everyone else has made, I finally got mine up and running. (I hope) I love to get on and see whats going on in everyones lives. SO fun. I have posted my kidos latest pictures that they had done this month. I have them all in envelopes ready to mail. I just need to address them. They will be out to all my family in the next few days.

Just a quick funny thing Brekyn did last night. She hurt her hip area a little. I babied her some and than asked her if she needed a kiss. She had her pants pulled down just a bit to show me the ouchie she had on her hip. She pulled down her pants and exposed her BUM all the way, and said kiss this and started laughing and walked out! She is her fathers child! That is something he would have done exactly! She is really going to make us CRAZY before shes 5. She is a funny kid.

We started home school with Hayden last month. He is really doing well. He likes it a lot and seems much happier to learn. He is such a smart kid but struggles to get things from his brain to the paper. This way we can give him the extra time he needs to complete all his work. We are using a state certified curriculum. He has a distance learning teacher he has to report to each week. That makes it nice for us too. She is wonderful and is super helpful.

Tanner is loving school SO much. It is his favorite thing ever. We had parent teacher confrence the other day. His lowest grade is a 95%. GO TANNER!! He is doing very well. He is super social too. He loves to get to school early to play with friends. (probably Maddie) He kinda likes her.....

Caison Poo is now 14 months old. He just learned to walk last week. He is a tornado. He thinks he is SO big cuz he can almost keep up with the big kids now. He really loves his siblings so much. Daddy is his favorite person in the whole world tho. They have such a sweet bond. Its super cute to watch them together. They both just beam with love. Daddys boy all the way!!

Justin has been remodeling our home. He is doing such a good job. Any extra time he has is spent working on the house. He knocked out a wall to combine the 2 living rooms to one big one. Replaced my kitchen floor and is working now on all the small details. Its great to have a handy man around. He really can do anything! His aunt and uncle call him Mcguyver!!! (sp?) They call him to fix all kinds of things for them. He loves helping them.

Well thats about all going on right now with us. Its just busy and crazy around here. Thats nothing new I guess. Oh yeah Brekyn started Ballet and loves it!!