Oct 21, 2009

Just an off day!

Today was just one of those days! It was OFF! First thing this am I got up with Tanner for school, 7:30 am. He usually just gets up and dressed and ready for the day. But not today! Today he didnt want to comb his hair, because he was too cold. But... he didnt want to wear a long sleeved shirt because he might get too hot at school! So we went round and round until he missed the freakin bus! So I told him I was not going to drive him to school because he was being a turd and missed the bus. So he Freaked out about not going to school! Screaming and crying. I thought for sure the cops were going to get called. He has not missed a day yet this year and doesnt want to either. So he combed his hair and changed his shirt finally. I ended up driving him to school. Mainly because I didnt feel like dealing with him all day long. lol
Later I had to go pick up my sweet friends 2 kids and get them to school. She was sick today and not able to get them there on time, or at all. I was loading my other 3 kids in the car. Hayden sat in the very back in his "Spot". I told Brekyn to get in hers. I was buckling the baby in his car seat. I had put my cell phone, purse and babys cup on the front seat. The door was still open. Brekyn thinks she has to run the whole show. So she is doing what Brekyn does, in the front seat. Instead of being in her Spot. She kicked my cell out the door and I had no clue. (she didnt either) I drove away, right over my dang cell phone! I get down the road, Im looking for my phone. I knew exactly where I had put it. So I thought it must have fallen out when she was in the front seat, doing what she does. I turned around and went back. Sure enough it was in the cinders ran over... face down! It still works if you dial from the inside and not the front obviously! Im shocked it works at all. I can even still text! This phone is only about 4 months old. UGH! So I will be ordering a new one tomorrow. Thankfully I pay that $5 a month for Ins. I do this because Justin ran over his phone last year and I never stopped giving him crap for that! SO THIS IS KARMA!!! KARMA... KARMA.... KARMA!! It got me! Sorry I made fun of you Dear! lol
So Justin had gone to work today like everyday. Gone by 8 am. or 7 whenever he leaves? We do scouts at our house Weds nights at 6 pm. We have a bunch of rowdy 9 yr old boys who come each week. So Justin calls me and says he has to work late. I have to pull something off for scouts. So my 4 kids, one being 2. And 7... 9 yr olds all by my self!!! I did it! We made a Halloween craft and played the Wii! I sent them home with an assignment for next week. They had fun and we survived. I fed my kids and had them all in bed asleep by 8:15 pm. Ahhhhh the silence! Oh ya, its now 11:00 pm and my Hubby is still at work! I sure hope he had some dinner! Poor guy!! I love him! I hate the long days when he doesnt even get to see the kids. They get sad, and so does he. He will be gone again in the am before any of them are even awake!! Thanks babe for all you do!! You are the best!!

Oct 4, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Hayden Dear....

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Hayden is 11!! Holy cow where did time go? He had a wonderful birthday party. He had a some friends Kaylee, Kyle, Cassidy, Grace, Matt, Cousins, Preston, Tracen, and sweet Kelci, Grandma and Grandpa Fellows, Grandpa and Elaine Tanner, Uncle Nate, Heather and Sherry and Wendy Watson who came from Phx to celebrate with us!! Thanks to all who came, he had a great time!