Oct 28, 2008

NO TV.........

It is now a little after 11 pm. I'm bored and my Direct TV is messed up. It says searching for satellite. Annoying. We called and they walked Justin thru resetting the dish. But, still searching for satellite. So for $49.95 we can have a tech come out and look at it. But not til Saturday. What ever will I do with NO TV until then?? AND Im not paying that either. They are going to credit my acct. or something I guess. I will for sure go thru Nancy Grace withdrawls, Brekyn will be having a Dora The Explorer delima by then, and Hayden and the new Star Wars Episodes out on Fridays??? What to do to do?? LOL Guess its time to break out the puzzles and games now. Maybe I will be able to keep up on my blog more. I need to get back to selling on Ebay, Christmas IS just around the corner. Ebay money is always nice.

Well Nate and Terra temporarily moved to the valley for work. I am really sad. I will miss those kids so much. (and them just a little) Those sweet babies need to be here with Auntie. They actually just left yesterday (monday) and they are coming back to stay with us tomorrow (weds) night, so we can all go Trick-or-Treating together. So I guess we can make the move work if they come back once a week or so. Preston loves to play with the kids. Kelci thinks Im hilarious. (She smiles at me anyways)and little Tracen is just my buddy. So what will I do with NO TV and NO TANNER KIDS???

Hayden is doing good with his home school. He struggles in math, only because its hard for him to stay focused. He knows it, he just has WAY too much to think about during math. I talked to his teacher and according to his IEP he will be able to work at a slower pace in math if we feel its necessary. We have never had him do less work, because we know he can do it. We dont want him to use his situation as a crutch in life. So we will continue to observe him and decide what needs to be done. He is a smart kid and has the ability to do it, just not quite the attention span. I guess we will see.

Tanner Cole made all A's. YEAH FOR TANNER!!!! I am so proud of him. He tries so hard and does so well. He got an award in P.E. also. He actually long jumped longest in the school. Not 1st grade, but the whole school. He jumped almost 5 feet. Just shy of a few inches. Stand and jump forward and see how far you go? No running and jumping either. Just jumping. He made the wall of fame at school. He was proud. Dont ask how far I made it?? A couple feet maybe. Then my body is not quite the same as it used to be. So I hurt for a week after. I just want to say congratulations to my sweet boy Tanner. I am proud of you kiddo.

Brekyn is still in ballet and loving every minute. She is so cute in her little tights and leotard. I just wanna pinch her... She has a dance recital Dec. 20th. She is so excited. She cant wait to get her costume. I cant wait either. I love that she loves it. She is my only girl you know. I am so glad she likes girly things. She loves to dig for worms etc. with the boys, but she has to have bows in her hair when she does it. Oh and lacy socks. She thinks those are the best... What a funny kid..

Than theres Mr. Caison. HE is a mess. That boy LOVES the toilet. Hes making us crazy with it. We have gone thru more rolls of toilet paper this last month than in a life time. He loves to throw ALL the rolls we have in the toilet at once. Also the toilet brush. Oh yeah and hot wheels cars. Oh cant forget the army men. A few combs and Hair clips always. We are going to have major plumbing problems when he learns to FLUSH!!! Oh I cant wait... He is lucky hes cute is all I have to say.

Justin is busy as ever. He worked on all 3 of his days off this week. Two overtime shifts and one day of court in Holbrook. You gotta love the job I guess. He loves it anyways. He can retire in a short 4.5 years. And yes we are counting down. I cannot wait. ;) He is a hard worker and I appreciate him tons. He is the best husband and daddy ever. I wouldnt trade him for anything. I love the person he is. He is truly great... I LOVE HIM!!!

I have been super busy it seems. Dentist appts. Dr. Appts. Ballet, Scouts, Etc. Etc. Etc. Haydens school work is enough to keep anyone occupied for the day. Trying to keep him going and chasing the other 2 around sure kicks me in the pants some days. But I get up and start all over again the next day. Thank Goodness for bedtime is all I have to say. That is what saves my sanity. Or whats left of it anyways.

We are still remodeling the house as well. Its getting there SLOWLY but surely. I cant wait to be done. Justin has done a wonderful job on it. He works hard and does well. Thanks Babe!!

That about sums up our life right now. Nothing real major to report on. Usually for us, thats good news. Hope everyone is well.....

Oct 26, 2008

Click to play Wood Cutting
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Wood Cutting

Its that time of year again. Wood cutting season. It is fun to go. A lot of work, but fun. We got a really late start this year. Justin has been so busy between work and the house projects. He doesn't have a lot of extra time. We finally got a chance to go spend the day in the woods cutting. Terra came and watched the kids while we took Brekyn and Preston. It was really fun for them and fun to take them with us. They worked hard on the first very little tree Justin cut so they could load. After the first tree, it was digging in the dirt from there on out. No more loading for them. It was too hot, the wood was too heavy, I have a splinter, etc. etc. etc. They were fun to watch. They are good little buddies. Yes they bug each other a lot at times, but have so much fun the rest of the time. Fun times!!

Oct 18, 2008

Click to play Pumpkin Pickin'
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Pumpkin Pickin!!

I Love Love Love Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays. I Love that Justins mom takes me and my little kids to pick our own pumpkins every year. This year we got to take Nate and Terras little guy, Tracen with us. He should be my kid. LOL He looks just like Tanner to me. It was so fun to have him with us. He is my little buddy for sure. My kids absolutely love to pick their own pumpkin, gords and indian corn. They start asking when Grandma is gonna take us to get pumpkins as soon as October hits. That will be something so great to remember for them as they grow up. I make sure to get pictures every time we go. Its fun to see the changes the kids make in one short year. THANKS to Grandma for taking us. It is sure fun. We all love it! I am trying to post some pictures of our pumpkin pickin day. My computer is not allowing me to upload for some reason? I'll get it figured out and post them ASAP.

Oct 8, 2008

My mom!!

I just wanted to take a minute and let everyone know how much I miss and love my mom. What a sweet person she was. I have been missing her so much lately. I hate that she is gone. I know she is still with us. But its just not the same. I wish my kids could know her. They only know of her. They all talk about her like they really knew her, and I love it. Hayden loves junior mints and rolos. Those were my moms 2 favorite candy bars. I love when that kind of stuff happens. I always say that was Nanas favorite. They all know what she liked and loved. They know that she loves them very much. They know she is their guardian angel. They love her. My kids have been robbed of their Nana, and there is nothing I can do about it. So not fair. I just try my best to make sure that they know as much about her as I can tell them. She is still such a part of my daily life. I think of her so many times a day. I Love to think about her goofy, silly self. She was truly funny. At least I thought she was. If I can raise my kids with as much love as she raised us, we will be ok. I never questioned the love she had for us. Never. So anyone reading this, make sure your loved ones know they are loved. If you have a mom, make an effort to let her know what she means to you. What I would give to let my mom know one more time what she means to me. I love you all!!!