Jun 17, 2009

Terrible 2's and hes not even 2!!

Caison is seriously a funny kid!! He is always up to something! He loves to wear shoes always.... Even if they dont match. (notice his shoes) He loves to play in the toy box! He takes everything out that is big, and sits on whats not...

I was making dinner tonight. I was in the kitchen a
nd could hear a muffled MEOW. I was looking every where and couldnt find the kitty. We have kittens we are getting rid of and they like to come in sometimes and eat. So I figured it was one of them. But I could not find it anywhere. I just assumed it was meowing from the front door wanting in. It was a soft meow. So I open the dishwasher to get a spatula and Cais had put the kitten in there. He was really sweet and left it a toy to play with. But he made sure the dishwasher was latched closed. I reached in and about screamed when I saw something furry moving! Once I realized, I laughed so hard. Caison came over and said Kitty in it! This kid is always doing something somewhere.... We have to be on guard always with him and hes not even 2!! :)


Dayna said...

OMG, that is hilarious! That made me laugh out loud. At least he didn't call 911 this time.

Love Lorri said...

Totally Funny Tiff!
Love that kid!