Jul 8, 2009

Birthday Time!!!!


We had a fun filled Birthday! Our sweet Caison was born on 07-07-07. He came into this world so full of happiness, and he still is. We love this little guys so much! Caison has a special bond with his cousin, "Baby" as he calls her, Kelci. She is Nathan and Terras daughter. They are so sweet together. I just love it! Her Birthday is 07-14-08. So we decided to do the birthdays together this year. Im so glad we did. They had a great time together. Caison got his little bike and Kelci got her little walker toy. They walked and rode around the park together. It was sweet! We had yummy cake with both of their names on it. It was blue and pink. It was a fun time!! I cant believe my baby is 2!!


Amanda said...

I can't believe he's 2 already! And sweet little Kelci....They look so cute :) Miss you guys

Love Lorri said...

Adorable pictures! I miss you! I wish I could have been there for the party!
love ya

The Tanners said...

It was a good time Tiff, thanks.



Tinney Tribe! said...

I loved the pics sis! They are getting so Big! I love you all!