Sep 4, 2009

Happy Birthday MOM!

My wedding 1997

My Mom was the most wonderful person in the world. Today is her Birthday.... I wish she was here to celebrate with us! She has been gone for 8 long years. But today we celebrate her life! She was given to us as our Mother. A great one she was! She taught us so much. She taught us how to love unconditionally, to forgive, to not judge others, to be respectful and kind, But most of all she taught me that I want to be the kind of mom she was to us, to my kids. Not a day goes by that I miss her any less! I do my best to make sure my kids know their Nana. I love you Mom and Miss you like crazy!! Thanks for being the mom you were to us! You are the BEST! I love you!!Dad, Mom, Nathan, and MeMy sweet MomLen, Mom, Nikki and Lindsey 2000Dad, Me and Mom 1997


love lorri said...

I love and miss mom too! Did you see my blog? love ya sis!

Tinney Tribe! said...

this was a very sweet blog about momma! I miss her terribly! =( I love you sis!

Shayla said...

I am crying for you and your sisters as I read this. Your mom was wonderful and full of life. She brought smiles to my face often as I interacted with her in SJ. Her legacy truly lives on in all of you.

Many hugs--Shayla

The Tanners said...

Very nice Tiff! You really are a great mom Tiff. You've done well!