Dec 18, 2009

Its been a while!! *Update*

I cannot believe its been since Halloween that I have posted anything. Ive been meaning to get on and post and I just havent done it.

We had Thanksgiving with some great friends, Jesse and Heather and their family. It was wonderful. The food was great and the company was better. It was a great day. The kids played outside the whole time, and it was COLD! They looked like little ice cubes when they came inside. They were running and playing so it didnt seem so cold to them. I was cold just looking at them. Then riding the quad in the dark, about froze me!

Brekyn had her 6th birthday! We had a great surprise... Aunt Lesli, Uncle Ian, Trent and Ashli came to her party! IT was so fun! I was so happy, and so was the rest of my family! She had a fun party, she had friends come and she loved it. She got a lot of fun things. I cant believe she is 6! Where in the world does time go? It breaks my heart, believe it or not! I dont want them to grow up! She is loving school and doing very well. She has a lot of friends and is a friend to everyone. Her teachers told us she is very kind to all. That makes me feel good. I am proud of her.
Brekyn had a Thanksgiving play at school. She did so good. These little plays are so fun to watch. She had a part to say with 2 others. They did perfect! It was soooo cute!

Tanner and Brekyn had their Christmas plays as well. It was a blast! Tanner was a Rapping Bear! Brekyn was a Cookie Star. They both had parts and did so good. I am so glad they can get on stage and function. I sure as heck couldnt when I was 6 and 8 yrs old. I couldnt do it now. Not my thing!!! Id pass out! They do it very well.

Not much else is going on. Justin is workin his buns off. Its busy, busy! He is loving his new position. He is doing great with it. He loves to not have to shave, or do anything like that. Its a nice change for us all. He goes out of town a lot more. He just got home from an over nighter a little bit ago. Glad to have him home! I miss him when hes gone, and so do the kids!

Hayden is doing great. He got a palate splitter in his mouth to widen his upper jaw. It sucks.... poor kids. Any of you who know him, he gets canker sores so bad in his mouth to begin with. This just gives him more. Its awful. But hes hangin in there and can get it taken out in June. SO we have a while left of this. Next month he gets head gear, which we are all thrilled about. Let me tell you! It will be worth it in the end. I keep telling him (and myself) that anyways.

Tanner is doing well also. Nothing too new with him. Same ole sports, sports, sports and Now GIRLS! Ugh! Thats all I can say about that! He actually did have a lump removed from his back on Dec. 1st. It ended up to be nothing to worry about. Thankfully! Its always a scary situation when things are growing in your kids body that shouldnt be! It was big, by the time they were done it was about the size of a half dollar. 6 stitches to sew it back together. Stitches are now out and hes as good as new with a huge ugly scar! He will be able to make up some good battle wound stories with this scar!

Caison is funny as ever. He is in to cooking! Yes cooking. It drives me nuts! The other day he opened the oven and poured a whole bottle of salt into the bottom of it. Was soo proud and said Mom, I cookin! How do you get mad at that? Until about 2 hrs later. He opens the oven and cracks and egg in the bottom and says, Mom... I cookin! Not so cute this time! Stinker!!
I was out shopping with a friend and I get a call from Justin. He said hey I learned something new tonight. I asked what that was. He said you need to check the oven before pre heating cuz Caison leaves things in there. He had left a plastic cup for us to melt and catch fire with. I just had to laugh... silly kid, he really is funny!

Well thats about it. Or all I can think of right now!


Love Lorri said...

Miss you guys! Have a terrific Christmas! Wish we could all be there together!

Dayna said...

Glad to see you back in bloggie-land!

Tinney Tribe! said...

Time goes by WAY to Fast Tiffer! Crazy I know! I love you guys!