Jan 11, 2009

Go Steelers!!


So we all know that the Pittsburgh Steelers are Justins all time favorite team. He is on cloud 9 after todays win! He was already SO happy that the Cardinals won... With the win of the Steelers too..he is in heaven! So now he is hoping the Steelers and the Cardinals play eachother in the Super Bowl....no matter who wins, he doesnt lose! LoL

It was a good day for Les and Trent too with the win of the Eagles!!

Justin was here rooting for them too! So all in all, I guess today in the football was a great day!! For us anyways!!

Tanner was SO happy for Trent that his team won!! :)


The Tanners said...

Nate was so excited that the Cards won too! Next week will be a fun one since the Cards will play the Eagles-Trent may not have to experience real bad heartache yet, after all if the Eagles lose to his home team.

Lesli said...

Trent LOVES the Cardinal just as much! So he is going to be happy no matter what! We will be much happier if the Cards win though! He said he is going to wear both jesey's! I told him he is the WORST fan ever (to be on both sides)! He loves them both sooooo much he is so depressed right now! Seriously he couldn't sleep! :o)