Jan 26, 2009

My Cousin Bryan Allred

Last week I learned of some tragic news. My dear cousin Bryan had died. At the young age of 35. I have been filled with so many different emotions this past week. I have been filled with sadness, disbelief, anger, and happiness. Happiness knowing where he is and what a great place that must be. Sadness for my Aunt Janell, all of his siblings, his wife and kids. Sadness for my self knowing I will not be able to talk to him again.

Bryan and I had such a special relationship. We have not talked in a really long time, but I know he loved me and he knew I loved him too. Growing up they lived in Round Valley and us in St. Johns. We would go visit them often. We were usually up to no good! We would either be in the boys room boxing, (which I always beat Chris John for the record) in the closet raiding the year supply of Lemon Drops, in the ditch playing, or out on the motorcycles. We would often be next door at our other cousins house. We spent a lot of time in the fort over there too. That was one of our favorite places to be. We, Chris John, Bryan and I would just hang out and talk for hours. Those were some of the best memories ever.

I remember one time we were going to bury a time capsule next to the swing set in Bryans yard. We shoveled and shoveled and shoveled. We probably got into the ground about 10 or 11 inches. We thought we were so cool. We were going to dig it up when we were teenagers. We had some Garbage Pail Kids stickers in there, some pictures, letters, etc. We went to bury it, and the dang container was bigger than that big hole we worked so hard on. We were probably 8. We gave up and did not bury the time capsule. :)

I have a great picture of Bryan and I about age 6 or so. I was on Bryans little red motorcycle, he was running along side me, pushing me. We were both in sunday dress. I was so excited....than we ate it on the dirt road!! Ruined my dress and scraped my knee. The picture is so great, right before when we were so happy...than crash!! We grew up and still spent so much time on the bikes. The older we got...the more he scared me on it!

Bryan was such a protective cousin. He was always looking out for me. Always!! He would come to SJ to dances, and I couldn't dance with anyone!! EVER!! NO ONE!! :) He would always say things like She cant dance with you... shes here with me! UMMM He was my cousin! I just went along with whatever!

I remember he had some girl he really liked. They had dated some, they broke up and he was out for revenge. He called me and had me and some friends come to RV. He took us all over with him just to make her jealous! He would hold hands with one of my friends when she was near! It was quite funny! The things we do when we are young!! :)

I will never forget Bryans laugh. It was more like a funny giggle. His face would turn so red. He would laugh so hard! We had some really great times. I will cherish the time I had with him forever! I will miss him terribly! I will love him always!

I saw Chris John in Taylor just a couple weeks ago. I ran into him at Bashas. I haven't seen him in years either. We talked for well over an hour. We laughed at things we did as kids together, the 3 of us. I told him I needed to look Bryan up and call him. I did not do it. And for that I am sorry. Its too late now. But Bryan, Just know how much I love you and love the memories we have together. Thanks for being the protective cousin you were. Thanks for being a friend. I will see you again someday. Give my Mom a big hug for me, and save me and Chris John a place. I love you!!! ~Tiffany


The Tanners said...

That was a really neat post and tribute to Bryan. The time capsule is hilarious! Talk to you soon, Terra

The Tanners said...

Very sweet post Tiff!

We love you,


Tinney Tribe! said...

i love you sis! this was such a great blog. I will make sure Kat gets this address. love you me

Amy said...

Sweet post Tiff...your words are great and I am super sorry for your loss!

Texas Tanners said...

What a wonderful post Tiffany. I love the memories you shared and how much Bryan meant to you and all of us. So much of my childhood are memories of our days in Round Valley with the Fosters and the Allreds.

Begs the question...what is more important the actual experience or the memory?

Love ya, Len

Tia Elom said...

Tiff, excellent! I guess I was already on my mission and then off to school when you guys did all those things. I didn't realize you were so close with Brian and Chris. It reminds me of all of the crazy, stupid and dangerous things Scott and I used to do.

Clifton Foster
(Tia Elom is just my blog alias. It's an initialism from 'The imortality and eternal life of man.' Moses 1:39)