Feb 8, 2009

Hes at it again!!!

Caison is always into something!! Can't leave him for one minute alone, Or this is what happens. We had made a craft for scouts the other night. We were walking a kid to the door to meet his mom. Only left it all out for just a sec. Those are split peas. Dried ones thankfully. Jar full of buttons and obvious other items. He just helps him self and thinks its funny!! (it kind of is) Oh this boy!!! Lucky he is cute!! I fear the teenage years with this kid!! WE LOVE THE SHOP VAC!!!


The Tanners said...

Yeah, he is cute and all, but will he be cute and all after he gets done with those scissors and staple gun???

Love ya,


Tinney Tribe! said...

tiffer i noticed the pair of scissors next to your sweet innocent boy! :)