Feb 17, 2009


Its midnight, I cant sleep. I wish I was, everyone else is sleeping soundly around here. I can hear my hubby snoring in the other room. Im wide awake. I should be doing dishes or something like that. But who wants to do dishes at midnight? Not me!! I might wake someone up, Right??

So instead I will blog for a while about absolutely nothing!

Justin finished almost all of my kitchen floor..Yeah and Thanks babe. I love it.
I cant wait to get the rest of the living room and kitchen done. Hopefully soon.

It is really hot in my house right now. Man the fire is going good. Should be nice and cozy in the am when Im up getting Tanner ready for school. Or when Justin is up at 4 am getting ready for work. Thats too early...poor guy!

Tomorrow I start my exercising again. I have lots to lose. I hate to exercise! I hate to sweat! So its so easy to put off. But I think my blood sugar levels could use a little help. Losing weight will help that. So that is where I will start. My sugar levels are high quite often,(most of the time) not super high but enough to start doing things differently. So here I go, starting tomorrow! Wish me luck... lol.

Caison is talking quite a bit now. He says uh oh, uh huh (meaning yes), he says hot, I love you, and ink (for drink). All that in just a week or so. Hes a funny kid. Loves to talk!!

I cant believe Tanner turns 8 in May. Where does time go? Brekyn will start Kindergarten next school yr. Also next school yr. Hayden will be in 5th grade. That just sounds wierd to me. I was in 5th grade when Lesli had Ashli. I was 10 when I became an aunt. Funny to think. She is now 23... man Im getting old.

I have finally almost got my laundry all caught up, not me...but Justin and I. He folds it all. I put it away. We both keep loads going as often as needed. Thanks for your help J. I do not enjoy laundry one bit!! It sucks!

I need to go make my hubbys lunch for tomorrow. He gets left over yummy, homemade chicken and green chili quesadillas. I made cookies tonight too. Sugar and choco chip with walnuts. Yum huh? Great for my diet Im starting tomorrow.

I hope it snows tomorrow... I love the snow. Sorry Justin. :)

I guess I will go do all the things I need to do and go to bed! Or go listen to my hubby snore. :)

Good night!!!


Love Lorri said...

I love randomness! It is an amazing insight into your thoughts and feelings. I have many of the same thoughts...except my hubby is Rick, he does snore though!
I love you!

Dayna said...

I share your exact thoughts on the fire, we don't use our furnace at all becuz the heat is so much better from the fire. It's so cozy and we too work hard at keeping the house warm.

Nice background!! I love St. Patrick's Day, we were married that day and have the tattoos to prove it!!

The Tanners said...

For us the last few days, it has been really nice, being in the Valley. I go outside and sit on the porch swing in the middle of the night with shorts on. It gets crisp, but really nice.

The Tanners said...

I guess Nate and I have the same time schedule for checking blogs-I couldn't help but laugh when I read this. Sounds a little too familiar with Nate's nights. I will see you soon!

Shawna said...

Fun post. I may try that some time! How is the exercise going? Got the laptop on the treadmill????