Mar 11, 2009


This is just a quick, cute story. I always tell my kids when they see Butterflies, it means Nana is near them. So every time they see a Butterfly they say Hi Nana! Like she is there in person. Its so sweet!

So yesterday at the store, Brekyn picks a pink bug net and wants it bad. I get it for her. We get home and she is playing with it and she is pretending to catch Butterflies. She said Mom tomorrow Im going outside to catch Nana, and bring her in the house so I can hold her.

It was truly the cutest thing ever! She was so serious! She was going to catch Nana. And bring her inside! It almost made me cry! How bad my kids want to know her and see her and they cant! They only know stories about her. They see pictures and thats all I can do, I wish there was more.

They love her!


Amanda said...

I LOVE this story! I DID cry!:) Butterflies have always meant so much to me, their my own personal reminders of my testimony. And now they mean even more to me :) thank you for sharing this. I love you

Rick*Amber*Taryn*Bryant said...

Ohh.. that made my heart melt! I LOVED your mom! She was always so kind and sweet to me. I really wish your kids could have known her. I always feel so sad when I think about all the little grandkids she is missing, but I know she held them in heaven before they were sent to you. Thanks for sharing such a sweet story. Your kids will always remember and know her through you. You are so sweet!

Dayna said...

That's a great way to have your kids always remember their Nana is always there.

Shawna said...

This is what bloggin is all about in my mind.