Mar 9, 2009

Hannah Had 5!

Our sweet dog Hannah had 5 little puppies this morning starting at 1 am. They are so cute!! She did a great job and knew just what to do. This is her first litter. It will be her last litter as well. She will be fixed very soon. No more puppies for us!! I will post pix as soon as I get some good ones. Anyone want a puppy???


us plus 5 said...

yikes that sounds like a fun bunch!!! jk i love puppies if they would just stay puppies cute and LITTLE :o) good luck!

The Tanners said...

They are so cute! The boys are excited to see them.

Tinney Tribe! said...

yeah! I cant wait to see pics. I do wish they would stay cute and little like that! Kinda like our kids right? lol I love you sis!