Apr 18, 2009

Opening Day Today!!! ( WARNING Pix Overload!)

Today was opening day for baseball! Brekyn and Tanner are playing this year. Brekyn had her first game today! It was so much fun to watch. She did so good, she can hit that ball pretty far. She knew just what to do for the most part. She was so funny to watch. T-ball is the greatest. Kids running everywhere! Tanner has his first on Tues. evening. We cannot wait for that one too. Kinda funny, Tanner and Brekyn are both #5.. Easy to remember our kids #'s.

Hayden is going to be in karate starting next week. He cant wait.. He will have karate 2 times a week. Hayden also has his Pinewood Derby race at the same time as Tanners game on Tues. SO Justin will go to one event and I will go to the other. Hayden made a really fun car this yr.. He made a ship from Star Wars. He did a great job on it! It looks great!

Thank you Grandma Fellows, Aunt Lizabeth, Uncle Jamin and Gannon for coming to watch the game today! Brekyn was thrilled to play and loved having everyone watch her!! She is a ham you know!! It was a FUN DAY!!

Hayden, Tanner and Brekyn
Grandma, Hayden and Brekyn after the game
Tanner and Brekyn... Rattlers and the Muckdogs..
Uncle Jamin and Brekyn... (she thinks hes the greatest)
Brekyn afterwards
Saying good game!! :)
They all run to get the ball.... its so funny.
Brekyn up to bat
She was playing catcher for an inning... waiting to start.
Running to second.....
Caison and Cousin Gannon
Playing 2nd base... love her stance??
Again at 2nd.
Up to bat again...


The Tanners said...

She looked so adorable! We hope that we can be there for Tanner's opening game. We miss you and love you all!

Tinney Tribe! said...

I love it Sis! I wish I lived near by so I could go to her games also. I love yoU!