Oct 18, 2008

Pumpkin Pickin!!

I Love Love Love Halloween. It is one of my favorite holidays. I Love that Justins mom takes me and my little kids to pick our own pumpkins every year. This year we got to take Nate and Terras little guy, Tracen with us. He should be my kid. LOL He looks just like Tanner to me. It was so fun to have him with us. He is my little buddy for sure. My kids absolutely love to pick their own pumpkin, gords and indian corn. They start asking when Grandma is gonna take us to get pumpkins as soon as October hits. That will be something so great to remember for them as they grow up. I make sure to get pictures every time we go. Its fun to see the changes the kids make in one short year. THANKS to Grandma for taking us. It is sure fun. We all love it! I am trying to post some pictures of our pumpkin pickin day. My computer is not allowing me to upload for some reason? I'll get it figured out and post them ASAP.

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The Tanners said...

Super cute pictures! Thanks for taking Tracen and keeping my kids so much-how did I survive without you!? Talk to you soon-Terra