Oct 26, 2008

Wood Cutting

Its that time of year again. Wood cutting season. It is fun to go. A lot of work, but fun. We got a really late start this year. Justin has been so busy between work and the house projects. He doesn't have a lot of extra time. We finally got a chance to go spend the day in the woods cutting. Terra came and watched the kids while we took Brekyn and Preston. It was really fun for them and fun to take them with us. They worked hard on the first very little tree Justin cut so they could load. After the first tree, it was digging in the dirt from there on out. No more loading for them. It was too hot, the wood was too heavy, I have a splinter, etc. etc. etc. They were fun to watch. They are good little buddies. Yes they bug each other a lot at times, but have so much fun the rest of the time. Fun times!!

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