Oct 8, 2008

My mom!!

I just wanted to take a minute and let everyone know how much I miss and love my mom. What a sweet person she was. I have been missing her so much lately. I hate that she is gone. I know she is still with us. But its just not the same. I wish my kids could know her. They only know of her. They all talk about her like they really knew her, and I love it. Hayden loves junior mints and rolos. Those were my moms 2 favorite candy bars. I love when that kind of stuff happens. I always say that was Nanas favorite. They all know what she liked and loved. They know that she loves them very much. They know she is their guardian angel. They love her. My kids have been robbed of their Nana, and there is nothing I can do about it. So not fair. I just try my best to make sure that they know as much about her as I can tell them. She is still such a part of my daily life. I think of her so many times a day. I Love to think about her goofy, silly self. She was truly funny. At least I thought she was. If I can raise my kids with as much love as she raised us, we will be ok. I never questioned the love she had for us. Never. So anyone reading this, make sure your loved ones know they are loved. If you have a mom, make an effort to let her know what she means to you. What I would give to let my mom know one more time what she means to me. I love you all!!!


Tinney Tribe! said...

This was a great blog! I miss her to so much! I have felt lately the great need to talk to her! I love you sis! You are a amazing mom and sister! Love you leeann

Larry and Megan said...

That was such a special tribute! I love your mom and think that she was such a wonderful person. I think that you are wonderful too and that you kids are just as lucky as you are. Mom's are great and I am so lucky to be one. Love ya! Take care:)

The Tanners said...

I can definitely agree that your mom raised you guys with so much love. Nathan loves her so much and knew she loved him. I think you hit the nail on the head when you say that if you can raise your kids knowing they are loved things will be okay. That is a parent's job I think. I too wish that me and my kids could have known your mom.

Love Lorri said...

Tiff, i MISS her too, but i AM SO grateful that we have the church and the knowledge of the plan of salvation. How would it be to not know that she is with our father in heaven and because we are sealed to her and dad we will be together forever! I would hate it if we believed once she was buried that was it! I love you great post! Your a fab mom, sister, blogger, and pretty silly yourself! Kisses