Nov 15, 2008


Today my sweet little princess Brekyn said something kinda funny. I was trying to get my house cleaned up a little. I had asked Hayden to pick up their things from the living room and Brekyn to get their things from the kitchen floor and put them away. Not asking too much from them, or was it?? Neither one of my well mannered children would do what they were asked. Finally after about the 3rd time of asking nicely, Hayden did what he was asked. Brekyn started to walk away. I said Brekyn Fellows in a stern voice. Get in that kitchen and pick up the floor NOW! She turned around with her hands on her hips and said Excuse me mom. Do you NOT see my legs walking that way?? I was on my way... THANKS! She is a little sarcastic you think? If this is any indication of teen years and attitude....we are SCREWED!!! I almost died laughing. (She of course couldnt tell) I said dont you talk to me that way. That is not ok. She just replied well I was on my way! I left the room almost in tears form laughter. She is a smarty pants!!I dont believe I was that way... Justin swears he was not that way. It must have come from LORRI!!(I mentioned your name) She is still that way!! LOL Love ya Lor! I then called Justin to inform him that his sweet little daddys girl princess has a major attitude. I told him what she said, he was laughing so hard and just said thats funnier than heck!! She is perfection!!

Just a cute little story about our kids and our neighbor Rusty. Rusty is about 57ish? Has never been married, lives alone with his 2 dogs. He is a hermit type. Not real social. He is not the cleanest of people.(I was actually a little nervous when we first moved in.) Anyway we have gotten to know Rusty. My kids love him. He goes out and plays baseball, football or what ever my kids are playing with them. He is the nicest man ever. He would do anything for anyone. So about 2 years ago, we started making dinner for Rusty once a week or so. He was always so happy to get it. The kids would all 3 take it to him. The last year its been about 4 times a week they take him dinner. They will stay out on his porch and talk his poor ears off while delivering dinner to him. I met his mom the other day. She lives about an hour away. I had picked up somethings Rusty needed from Checker Auto to fix his truck. She was outside waiting for him to get home. I went out, I thought Rusty was home now. He wasnt there yet. But she introduced her self to me. The cutest little old lady ever. She said to me, I just want you to know how much I appreciate you taking care of my "little" boy. Thanks for taking him dinner so often. I worry alot less about him knowing you look out for him. She also said I just want you to know he really loves your kids. He always lights up when he talks about playing baseball with them and Justin. It really made me feel good to know that such a small deed for me to do, helps someone out so much. I love that my kids know that feeding Rusty a few times a week means alot to him. He is always so grateful to them for bringing dinner. He will say things like you are really lucky you have such a nice mom who cooks for you...and me. The other day we stopped at Sonic (Lorri) for dinner and brought it home. When we got home Brekyn said Oh Crap (nice huh) mom, we forgot to buy Rusty some dinner. I bet hes hungry! It was so cute that she thought about him while we ate yummy Sonic (Lorri). I just wanted to take a second and say thanks to my wonderful mom. She raised us to help others if we could. Even if its not much to you, it might be to someone else. She used to say. Its not much for my kids to run Rusty some dinner, but it is much to him and him 90ish year old mom. And that I am glad for. I am thankful she taught us the way she did. She helped SO many people in her life. She cooked so many nights for Ken and Ila Pulsipher for years. They loved her and she loved them. She did it because she cared. There are still people I run into at the store who will bring up my mom. So many of them say Oh I remember when your mom did this for us or for so and so. Wouldn't it be nice to be remembered years after you died for the nice things that you did for people. She was always doing something... I loved that about her. That makes me proud of her. I am proud to be her daughter. She loved us and raised us well. She loved us all with everything in her heart. I am so glad I know that. Oh, One small thing she did for the post office workers at Christmas time was made cookies for them. I found a gift tag that says To all the nice workers at the post office, Thank you and Merry Christmas. She must not have liked the way it looked or something and made a new tag. She had left that tag on the sheet. I found it in her Christmas stuff the Christmas after she died. I saved it as a reminder....She did good things for good people. Her name was not signed on the tag either..That was typical of my mom... Thanks mom, I am a better person because of you!!


Love Lorri said...

Tiff What an awesome post! You are amazing...I have fallen off the helping wagon a little bit, oops! Time to start trying harder! I dont even really know my nieghbors, Whats wrong with me?
Hey by the way, THANKS for mentioning my name! your the BEst!

The Tanners said...

Tiff-that really was funny about Brekyn! She is a hoot-I miss her.
I would have to say to that your mother raised you well. You are always thinking of others. Thank you for all that you do and have done for me and my family. I really regret the time we lost, but look forward to the times ahead. Thanks for being an awesome auntie and a great friend and sister to me. I really feel blessed to have you in my life! Terra

Amy said... life is Brekyn x 3!!!!! I sooo know what it's and hate it!
Love what you wrote about your mom...we are all better people because of her! And I feel so blessed to have been close to you and your family! Luvs to you!