Nov 16, 2008

Oh how I HATE Laundry!!!!

Does laundry ever end? I hate doing laundry SO bad. I decided to clean my room somewhat, and now I have twice the freakin laundry I had before. I decided we only need a few shirts, few pants and some socks and undies. We have WAY too many clothes in this house. I could literally turn my house into a clothing second hand store. GEEZ!!! I told my sweet hubby (who wont get rid of anything) I was getting rid of what we havent worn in the last few months. His reply was, Tiff Ive been getting rid of things. I gave Nate 2 shirts the other day!! His sweet parents give him old magazines that they have read. Yes Justin loves that. So do I. But they can go in the trash when hes done reading them. But No lets save them forever because we might need them someday! LOL Hes not really that bad. But I sure feel that way lately! I will be getting rid of so much stuff in the next week. Justin took 10 days off the get my house finished. I am going to organize, organize, organize! I just wont tell him what I throw out. I dont know what happen to anything! LOL My kids toy boxes will be down to nothing. My excuse is always, Christmas is coming. You will get new stuff! Santa is the man and brings fun things. Well I guess Im done venting! I need to get some kind of sleep. Or at least try... I will have nightmares about laundry Im sure. Its going to attack me in the night.... IT NEVER ENDS!!!!!!!

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Love Lorri said...

I hate laundry too, but I take it downstairs and "forget it" and then it mysteriously gets done...Thanks to Rick! He cant stand dirty laundry if it is by the w/d! I am so lucky!