Nov 29, 2008

Please Don't Eat Twinkies In The Car!

We had just left Tanners Thanksgiving Program at school. I stopped to get a soda and the kids a Twinkie... I gave Tanner, Hayden and Brekyn one. I didn't give one to Caison for this very reason. We get home and I get out to unbuckle him.....and this is what I find? His very sweet and sharing brother Hayden, decided he felt sorry for him and gave him a Twinkie. Nice huh?? So how could I be mad, he at least shared?! It was a huge MESS! Cute, but messy! Gotta love those Fellows Kids!!!


The Tanners said...

The pictures don't even do it justice. Caison is so sweet!

Lesli said...

Oh how sweet of Hayden! The mess will clean up...right? We do have good kids!! Tanner looks sooo cute in his Thanksgiving costume! We love and miss you guys!

Amy said...

Stinkin cute kids...and at least you can lick him clean!!! hee hee! luv luv