Nov 20, 2008

Brekyns 5th Birthday

Brekyn had her 5th birthday part last night! She had a great time. She had lots of friends and family here. She had an "inside" pinata. It was way too cold to do it outside. LOL She got some fun toys and cute clothes. We got her an MP3 player. She hasn't taken it off since she got it. It is so funny when she sings to it. she sings so loud and so off key. Some songs she doesn't know the words, but pretends she does. Those are the best to listen to. She makes us laugh! Catching her singing and dancing is so funny! She is the big 5! She thinks she is so big now. Amazing what a birthday will do? She is so much older than she was 3 days ago according to her. She did almost agree to not grow up anymore, than she changed her mind. She cant wail to be 10 she says.

Not much else is going on around here. Justin is off the next week, hopefully we can get my house finished. Im ready for it to be done. Or at least what weve started to be done. Im looking forward to doing my kitchen counters someday. That will be a while, its expensive.

We are all well. No major cold or flus YET this year. I'm holding on to hope that it wont happen this year? LOL right??


Love Lorri said...

Happy Birthday to you, Breckyn! Happy Birthday to you!
I love you breck! Your pictures of your birthday look like you had sooo much fun! I love seeing you grow up! Keep smiling your smile is BEAUTIFUL! Love AUNTIE

The Tanners said...

Brekyn you are so sweet! I am so glad I got to see you on your birthday! You are a beautiful princess. Tiff-gotta love the stories of the funny things kids do. I can't wait to see her singing and dancing for myself. See you soon-Terra