Dec 23, 2008

Let it snow... Let it snow... Let it snow!!!!

Tanner and Brekyn
Angels...Tanner and Brekyn
Hayden and Hannah..

We finally got a good amount of snow!! I love the SNOW!!! Justin likes it ok when he doesnt have to work. He is off so we don't have to hear him cry.... lol... My kids all wanted to go outside and play today. Every single one of them woke up in the night for cough medicine. They coughed and coughed and coughed all night long. I didn't really want them to go out and play....its SO cold! But my sweet hubby said they could. SO out they went!! All bundled up in snow pants, jackets, hats and gloves. They stayed warm, or so they said. They wouldn't tell me any different knowing I didn't want them outside to begin with. They had a great time. They actually lasted out side for over an hour. Than the wind kicked in and got too cold for them. They came in and had some yummy hot (warm) chocolate! So tonight when they are all up one at a time, I will be sleeping and my sweet hubby will be dispinsing cough medicine to them all. All night long like I did last night. One kid at a time... lol They did have a wonderful time in the snow.

SO today Caison had quite the day. He is not feeling well. Yucky nose and awful cough. I laid him down for his nap around noon. I hear him start to cry about half hour later. I let him cry for a few minutes hoping he would go to sleep. I go in to check on him, and he had taken off his POOPY diaper and had poop all over himself, his crib and all his bedding. Why do kids have to do that?? It so freakin gross!! He had got his pants off and than the diaper and than discovered the poop! Nice huh?? SO he got a warm bath, and unplugged bath, so it would all just go down the drain. Nothing like cleaning poop out of a 17 month olds fingernails, and out of their hair!!
Then about 2 hours later the phone rings, it is an unkown number. Justin answers it and a lady says Hi this is Ashley from the Navajo County Sheriffs Dept. We just received a 9-1-1 call from this number. Is everything ok? Anyways When the phone rang, I couldn't find it. I heard a muffled ring coming form my room. I walk in an Caison is sitting on my bed and hands me the phone. The little Poop (literally) called 9-1-1. How he did it, I don't know? We do not have it programed or anything. He just got it all in the right order. He will occasionally callGrandma Fellows or Grandpa Tanner, He called Daddy yesterday. But 9-1-1? No more phone for that boy. We don't even realize he has it most times. ( he obviously goes and hides places) Like my bedroom. He had even shut the door behind him. SNEAKY, SNEAKY, SNEAKY!! SO he has been quite the wild kid today. Its a good thing hes cute is all I've got to say!!

I am getting my kids to bed, (Oh Its Time) and I am going to wrap away tonight! I still have almost all my wrapping to do! At least its not Christmas Eve!!! LOL

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The Tanners said...

Glad it is not just my bum of a child-Caison makes me laugh!