Dec 18, 2008

Christmas Pictures--Timberrrrrr!!!

I am a little late this year on getting the kids Christmas pictures done for cards. I am really late actually. SO your card may be late... lol... I got the kids all dressed in matching clothes. Did hair etc. Sat them down in front of the tree. Got a few really cute ones, and a few really normal ones for four kids trying to sit and take a picture together. You know the typical someones eyes closed, someone looking away, the baby not wanting to sit, he wants the camera instead. But I did manage to get a few good ones. I took the camera in the other room to down load on to the computer. I hear this huge crash, with lots of breaking sounds followed by Caison whaling and crying as loud as he can cry. I set the computer down and run into the other room, expecting blood or something. I find sweet little Caison bawling his head off in the corner. He had knocked the Christmas tree over. He was scared to death, poor baby. All I could do was laugh, I ran and got the camera, before I even comforted the poor guy. I had to get the classic Oh Crap I knocked Over The Tree Look On Film... Right?? Believe it or not... NOTHING broke?


The Tanners said...

That made me laugh out loud-alone. Never a dull moment huh?

Love Lorri said...

How adorable are those pictures? Ok, on a positive note-you had the camera close by so you could get one of the greatest pictures around! Blackmail! We never seemed to have a camera around for the good stuff! you know, in the old days where even if you did have a camera you might not EVER take the film in! (I still have film from the 90's!)
Kisses to all!