Dec 3, 2008

Christmas tree time

I love this time of year. I love Christmas. I love to decorate. My kids love it too. Daddy is usually a GRINCH and doesnt love it near as much much as we do, But this year he got in to the spirit a lot more. He even bought a wreath and decorations to go on it, and did that project all him self. Thanks babe!! It looks great!! We got out the tree and all the decorations. We spent a few hours and got it all decorated. If you notice our beautiful tree is bare half way down. That is for our sweet Caison. He loves to take off the ornaments like all kids do. But he also loves to throw them in the trash. GRINCH JR!!! lol I cant tell you how many I got out of the trash, and who knows how many I didn't save in time. Caison also didn't care to decorate much either. His favorite thing was playing with the outlets. He loved turning the lights on and off. He just likes outlets all together. Scary! I tried to get a few good pictures of the kids in front of the tree. But anyone with several kids knows it is almost impossible to get a shot with them all looking at the camera. (and being happy while doing it)


The Tanners said...

Super cute! I can't wait to do ours. Don't be too scared tonite-call if you are, Nathan will be awake late. I will talk to you soon.

us plus 5 said...

Your kids are so stinkin cute!!! and i love their tree!! hopefully we get ours up before christmas eve :o) lol little B looks so much like you she is too cute! glad we ran into each other the other morning :o) it ws good to see you.
p.s. i stole your little bling bling tree, they are cute!