Dec 24, 2008


(See he really has some Christmas spirit, Mr. Grinch)

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! I just want to take a second to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I hope you get everything you wanted for Christmas this year? I know I did, I have a wonderful Hubby, and 4 great healthy kids!! That's all I need. I love my family dearly and want them all to know that! I want my sweet hubby to know that I think he is great! He is truly the love of my life! I wouldnt trade him for anyone. (not even Tim McGraw ;)) Thanks babe for all you do for the kids and I. You work so hard, at home and at work. It is appreciated. You are such a thoughtful man, (Under all that sarcasm) And I LOVE YOU!! You are my life!!

To my family elsewhere... I love and miss you all! I hope everyone has a great Christmas! Thanks for being the best family EVER!! I love this time of year. It reminds me of my Mom! I love to remember her!!
I sure wish we could see each other more often, I love the time we do get together!
(The ones in Colorado... Dont spoil that new baby too much!! :))


Love Lorri said...

Merry Christmas Sis,
WE had a nice day, but missed you soooo much! I wish I could have been there with you to play games and ignore kids all day, isnt that what we do? LOL!
Tell scrooge we love him and give kids many sloppy wet kisses!

Love Lorri said...
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Lesli said...

Thanks for the sweet words sis! Tell the family hello for us. Hopefully we will make it there to see you soon. love you all!