Dec 6, 2008

Have some crack!!

Caison Audy..... This kid is So funny. I love is fun and loving personality. He was picking something up in the area of the house Justin is remodeling. He was kind of in a corner. I was walking past and see a little crack. His diaper was down quite a bit....but was not unfastened. (and not soaking wet either :)) I ran and got my camera, took these pictures, he notices me now. He felt the diaper falling down I guess, so he pulled it up. He then walked away making some funny grunting noise. It was SO cute! He was embarassed or something. I thought Brekyn was my only crack kid. We call her Princess Buttcrack. I swear her crack will find its way out of a I guess he needs a new nickname now too. Any good ideas?? lol This will be the year book photo for Cais. Just thought I would share!


us plus 5 said...

Are we sure we are not related? My kids are always showing crack! :o)

The Tanners said...

I thought this was only Tracen's problem. He got the unusually long buttcrack from my side of the family. Caison doesn't have an excuse-just a makeshift plumber for a dad:)